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In Killer Instinct 2/Gold, Sabrewulf has had his arms replaced with cybernetic implants and dropped his shirt, now wearing torn, red pants and a yellow sash. In both games, he has three nerves accompanying him.

Sabrewulf's retro costume largely mirrors his original KI outfit, but with less changes: He has white shirt rather than green and has additional belt and blue loincloth that's supposed to be pants torned up.

In Killer Instinct , Sabrewulf's fur has grown longer and more ragged, and he has regrown his first arms, although they're much thinner, with needle-marked veins bulging along his biceps, and he has ripped straps around his wrists and a tied fabric knot on his upper left arm. He wears ripped, gray pants instead of his red ones from the previous game.

In the original Killer Instinct, Sabrewulf is a purple/blue-furred, humanoid werewolf with yellow eyes and long claws on his hands and feet, wearing just a tattered, green shirt. He had an abnormally small waist and a massive, upper body. However, if a person reaches the end of his arc in the game, his human form is shown to have tattered, green pants.

TJ Combo's decorative costume largely mirrors his KI2 outfit, but with few changes: He's cybernetic implants which are covered with red, white and blue wrist wraps, and he wears an Ultratech Championship belt. His tanktop looks more tattered and his American-themed shoes are replaced with combat boots. Also, his eyepatch is now blue with a white star, further continuing his All-American-styled appearance in the series.

Sabrewulf is portrayed as a tortured soul who has been through a series of bad luck ever since becoming a lycanthrope. He feels no closer to regaining his humanity as his mind is swinging back and forth between clinging to his sanity and the memories as a wealthy aristocrat or relegated to the remainder of his life in isolation as a vicious, dumb creature. He can't talk as a werewolf and instead resorts to animalistic grunts and howls. His only desire is to find a way to become human again, and for that reason, this would drive most of his decisions.

Since the day when a wolfbite left him afflicted with a particularly virulent strain of lycanthropy, Count Von Sabrewulf has lived in exile in his remote mountain tower, shunned by society, and fighting with insanity as his disorder grows steadily worse. A couple of years back his worst nightmare was realized when he failed to revert to human form at all. Every rumor of a possible cure has been at best a hoax, so every time a message arrives promising salvation should he win and enter the Ultratech contest, Sabrewulf is highly suspicious but obliged to grab any opportunity that comes his way.

The longest-lived lycanthrope proven to exist, Konrad von Sabrewulf has been analyzed extensively by ARIA over the years. Those observations have led her into a painful conclusion: an elderly werewolf represents a much greater threat than a younger person. While the losses in strength and dexterity that a lycanthrope suffers from old age are negligible, the heightened animality and ancient instincts they embrace will do more than compensate. This has caused Ultratech to classify Sabrewulf as 'among the most dangerous creatures on Earth.'

A wolf knows just survival, but a guy can know success. Triumphant against each adversary, Sabrewulf feels more human than he has in years. As the moonlight ebbs away, he feels that a transformation sweep over him, and begins to wonder if he should put on a shirt.

Instinct Mode Feral Rage Sabrewulf will do 25% damage to his opponent, especially if he/she blocks, which will cause a normals to processor damage his/her health; he will do normal damage once the Instinct Mode is finished. In Season 2 during the Instinct Sabrewulf gains a new mechanic known as the Feral Cancel. By pressing Heavies he can cancel any grounded move and return to his neutral stance.

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This tough because I whooped ass in all. I might roll with Killer Instinct because it was nothing like watching you… https://t.co/zage1Jx8o4
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@KongoJak That’s that killer instinct I be talkin about that he just doesn’t have. Lebrons a teddy bear.


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