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Saturation there are places where hyperconcentrated pools of energy seep saturating it with power. Such elemental saturations, as they're called, are prevalent on the Elemental Planes as seashells on a beach. On other planes, however they are rare, often difficult to reach, and frequently defended by dangerous guardians or deadly hazards. Treacherous because these locations are, they are fonts of power for kineticists, who can use them to access synergies in ways.

Role: Kineticists generally use their powers to assail their foes from range, but based on the way their abilities develop, they can channel their kinetic abilities for many different situations. Kineticists are usually different from friends and their families, so they often strike out on their own or alongside others with extraordinary talents.

Kineticists are residing channels for elemental energy and matter, manipulating the world around them by drawing upon internal reserves from their own bodies. Kineticists awaken during a traumatic or violent experience to their kinetic abilities, releasing their electricity. As kinetic power is rarely inherited, kineticists are rarely able to find mentors to guide them, so they must delve into these mysteries in their to learn to control their gifts.

Equipment consists of a variety of items which may be utilized to help players in updating their weapons, surviving in battle and accessing secret locations that otherwise can't be reached through the Solar System.

Most of them can be bought in the Gear section of the current market, or acquired through completing specific missions or through the Daily Tributes system. While others like gears are consumables, A number of them may be reused multiple times.

Twitter Results:

@A_dmg04, @AztecrossGaming I love fusion rifles but feel restricted due to them all being in the second slot. Can w… https://t.co/vMzrb2UfUn
Indie Pitch Bot
It's Kinetic Void, reimagined as a MMO
Indie Pitch Bot
It's Kinetic Void, reimagined as a RPG
Exploring defense opportunities by exploiting the legal grey zone. A comprehensive approach component to any defens… https://t.co/1EoSJHZ3aA
Shallah Desiree
@SolisTenno realizes that my opponent was in control of a Mesa Warframe. So I held the shield up firmly, blocking t… https://t.co/QBnwXzntmL
@Wendler34 @alsowoodie They called it Kinetic, which can be a Primary or Special weapon but it's a Hand Cannon so i… https://t.co/aJaPGAgLnq
@SivaTechFromXB @DestinyTheGame Kinetic weapons take kinetic ammo types. This is a kinetic weapon. Yes, it has void… https://t.co/QHG4U9IVBY
Cory Porter
@DestinyTheGame I like how more people are on the fact its a void handcannon not kinetic and not on how bullshit the gofannon forge boss is


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