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I had a broken vertebrae in my pocket that I'd borrowed from yes, borrowed, I was going to put it back what do you think you are, my conscience? It was a fossil, that means a stone, mineral replacement. They can survive a few hours in my pocket. Do shut up.

Looking back, I think maybe Loken had just lost too much of himself, his loved ones
. But everyone lost something. And some of us had nothing. My memory of my parents is a haze, like a daydream, and a small light, like the spark of their souls. It is not. They left me early, taken by Dregs.

I stared up at him and he lowered his focus on me, his eyes hidden behind the thick tinted visor of his headgear. My sight fell to his sidearm. It transfixed me. I imagined. All the wonders it had seen. The horrors it had suffered. My imagination darted from one act.

The path was planned
. We all went together the CEV and Ares One itself had enough automation to go home alone in the event of crew loss. Whatever we'd find at the artifact, it had the human element.

And there you have it
. . .no authorities, until there was. I was young, so I hardly understood. I recall Loken as a hardworking man who only became broken. Mostly I think he was sad. Sad and frightened. People left as his fingers tightened on Palamon. Those who stayed saw our days became. Loken's protection from the Fallen, from ourselves became dictatorial.

It's stubborn. A curse delivered by the gods will hold you when everything else has given up on you. And it was evident that survival was my eternal curse. A thousand battles and were won? Judging by the evidence, none. And that's why the pity was chewing at my ceramic guts. But despite the losses that were horrific, I had endured.

Think about how mysterious this system is, I said. How much life awakened when the Traveler came. Like the Ahamkara. Do you understand the legends? Claims? And I pulled out the fossil with a flourish -

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