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Kings Bounty Warriors of the North Ice and Fire DLC shop online and reviews

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You may cashout your wallet funds via PayPal or Bitcoin on the Cashout page under your name

Any item listed on OPSkins may be bought using your OP, in addition to any subscription. Money will always be obtained from your OP balance and if you don't have sufficient OP to buy an item or subscription, the cost will be taken from the OPSkins Wallet Funds instead. Please note that OP is not cashoutable.

If your cart has multiple items inside during checkout your OP will be subtracted per-item until you run out, and the remainder of the checkout will proceed with OPSkins Wallet Funds. Due to technical constraints, a single item can't be purchased using multiple currency types.

The user is in charge of their OPSkins wallet funds. Funds aren't owned by OPSkins, and consumers may cashout or refund their wallet funds as desired, based on the following constraints and policies:

You may cashout your wallet funds via PayPal or Bitcoin on the Cashout page below your name. The minimum cashout is $5.00 USD. You will only be shown the available cashout choices based on how much you have in your wallet, so if you have less than $5.00 you won't see any cashout options. We offer two kinds of PayPal cashouts: one-hour cashouts that are delivered to a PayPal account in one hour or less, and standard cashouts that are issued 4-7 days after they are requested. One-hour cashouts will be assessed a 5% fee. Bitcoin cashouts are issued 4-7 days after they are asked, and they need your account to be whitelisted.

You have to have a whitelisted account to cashout into Bitcoin or to make large PayPal deposits. This is necessary to prevent fraud. We offer options that don't require whitelisting. If you do not want to be whitelisted for deposits, you may use PayPal offered through G2A Pay, or any other payment method listed on the Add Funds page. If you do not want to get whitelisted for bitcoin cashouts, you can cashout into PayPal instead. To become an OPSkins whitelisted customer, visit your account page and fill out the 'Billing Information' and 'Whitelisting Information' sections, then submit a whitelisting request to the ID Verification service department.

OPSkins offers different payment options to suit many different user's payment preferences. Each payment processor has their own unique fee structure. Any applicable fees will be displayed once you complete your payment.

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