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Kung Fu Strike The Warrior's Rise shop online and reviews

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Like older arcade 2d beat em ups such as double dragon you may encounter with so many enemies and again and again .But mechanics such as blocking, dodging,chi moves along with a few item upgrades keep the gameplay fresh an exact enjoyable.Also there are lots of enemies types and bosses those need some approaches to become beaten.The game is deep enough by it's gameplay but levels and enemies are a bit repetitive and at times the game is unfairly difficult but also the game has local coop mode that makes the difficulty reasonable.Graphics are decent enough and some effects are nicely crafted.Kung Fu Strike is a solid beat em up game for computer and so pleasurable especially in co-op mode and there is a good deal of reason to play with all levels again.

Kung fu Strike is a 2d conquer 'em up game
. Even though it's not a bad game, but yes it is flawed and riddled with a couple of poor mechanic options by the developers.The fighting evolves around fast reactions and countering and can sometimes be very statisfying but the mechanics cheat the player a whole lot. The game often enables you to miss your big attack by having it go off in the wrong direction.It also has a tendency to fill the screen with lot of bad men making some of the stages extremely difficult.The plot is a mess of martial art stereotypes and goes from simply bad to dumb in a few cutscenes.You have the older master, the busty female assassin and of course our generic protagonist.While there are various kinds of competitions, such as the swordman, the kickmaster, the big guy, the backstabbing assassin and much more which are quite interesting to fight against, you're stuck with the same old character who only develops very slightly over the course of the story that's extremely underwhelming for a game belonging to the genre.Like I already stated, it's not a bad game at all, but I myself could only recommend it to people who are looking for a challenge and aren't so much into co-op or storytelling, you can instead look at Castle Crashers or the Shank series for it.

One of the reviewers compared beating difficult games to climbing Mt. Everest. That's an excellent comparison. Kung Fu Strike is likeOne of the reviewers compared beating difficult games to scaling Mt. Everest. That's a superb comparison. Kung Fu Strike is like scaling Mt. Everest with your legs tied together. The game's difficulty is unreasonable, even on the easiest setting. The poorly coded, uncontrollable camera makes evasion not simply a job of dodging the enemy, but predicting future as well, because the direction you're holding at one stage may at any time change to make your character move in the opposite direction. Unintuitive controls which can't be remapped show thought out and constructed this game was. They do not even tell you the way you can do every move! Really, this game might have been fun for people besides sado-masochists if they'd just made mode easier and given an option to use a camera that was fixed to us. Instead, it's really more of a chore than a game.

DLC adds eight missions in form of different challanges against different kinds of enemies or with different conditions which is fine, each of them seems exceptional. It's a wonderful addition to the game if you would like to spend time in it and enjoyed it. Having a friend to try the endless co-op mode may be fun too.Plus, it is cheap and it gets discounted very often ;-RRB-. The only disadvantage is not having the ability to play with new challanges in reduced difficulty than normal.

This game looks fine, but it's average in every way. The controls are okay, but don';t feel satisfying. The gameplay is dull, and the art style drops in quality in some places. It may be worth a purchase if you need a good co-op beat-em-up, but if you have one or don't desperately want one, I would pass.

I recently changed the resolution of the game to my screens native resolution
.And I don't know if I am seeing things but it feels/looks like the game sometimes speeds up for a little while. Just enough that it makes it harder to play.Is this a real thi...

Ancient China has been ripped apart by three warring forces, the Tian Empire, the invading forces of Shaa trying to overthrow the Empire's King, and a rebel uprising with their particular schedule. You are thrown into the midst of this bitter war armed only with your most deadly weapon: your fists.

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