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This is just another day at the entertainment centre for the servo systems of the CDplayer. Better hope that our technical abilities are neverlost a phonograph record can be played with the thorn from a rosebush usinga potter's wheel to get a turntable. Only a bit more technology is needed toread and translate the contents of a CD!

The required precision is incredible but true using mass produced technologythat dates to the late 1970s. And, consider that a properly functioning CDplayer is remarkably resistant to little bumps and vibration more so than an oldstyle turntable. All based on the manifestation of a fraction of a mW ofinvisible laser light!

An LP is pressure pressed using a solid vinyl biscuit. A CD, on the otherhand, is not manufactured in this manner. CDs are replicated through injection molding, where molten polycarbonate is injected into a mold under high pressure. CDs *must* be manufactured in strict clean room environments.On a side note, when LaserDiscs were introduced to market by MCA DiscoVision in1978, this condition was not recognized, or ignored by MCA Corporate in anattempt to keep manufacturing costs of those silver platters down. The firstdiscs were manufactured in an environment like an LP plant. As aresult, the finished product, while looking visibly okay when observedcasually, had significant problems playing faithfully on several LaserDisc players.Now, of course, we know better, although Pioneer recognized these requirementsfar more quickly than MCA. Even RCA's Videodisc plant for theirneedle-in-grove CED format recognized theserequirements better than MCA! CED's market introduction in 1981 did notstart as catastrophically like LaserDisc did as a result.

From the CD repair process, I use a 1/4 horse electric motor, cotton enthusiast, 2hose clamps, 2 washers, a twist, and brown tripoli rouge. The engine shouldbe mounted to a surface for permanent use. The first hose clamp should bemounted about halfway back. A shaft about 4 inches inlength will be crucial for this application. After mounting the firsthose clamp, apply a washer, the buff, another washer, and the last hoseclamp. Mount a twist about 1/2 inch over the motor shaft where the outerclamp can be twisted around the screw to keep the buff spinning. Whenbuffing cds, start out using brown tripoli rouge and slowly move the cd frominside to out. Don't apply too much pressure on the CD because this willcause the CD to 'splinter', and it will be ruined. Patience is the key toCD buffing. The first few you do may take longer than you expect, but themore you do the better you get at it. At this time, I can buff about 3 to 4CDs in five minutes. Once again, practice is the key!

New, because of the fact that they have a smallmetallic strip attached to the top of the CD, apparently as a measureagainst theft
. The strip can be activated/deactivated at the counter, justlike the machine in use in most department stores.

Philips/Magnavox used to have a very nice on-line introduction into a varietyof consumer electronics technologies
. Although their website has disappeared -and even people working for them have no clue I have recoveredseveral of the articles including those on TVs, VCRs, camcorders, satellitereception, and links. See the Introductory Consumer ElectronicsTechnology Series. These as well as most or all of the other posts,as well a glossary and much more, can be alsobe accessed through the Web Archive WaybackMachine. Copy and paste the following URL into the search box:

Twitter Results:

Ian Norton
Very excited to see my @LightBurnLaser camera has been shipped! Awesome customer service and follow up folks, thank… https://t.co/S5NOnFRbuZ
Ian Norton
Been torturing the laser tonight trying to get settings tuned in. Increase in y axis current has yielded excellent… https://t.co/GNUi0vvrZZ
craig riley
I started the game Laserlife https://t.co/vVIusjLSl0


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