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With this announcement, all of the Æsir seem to one another, finding themselves in a dilemma. Everyone refused to place their hands in Fenrir's mouth until Týr put his right hand and placed it into the wolf's jaws. When Fenrir kicked, Gleipnir caught closely, and the more Fenrir struggled, the more powerful the band grew. At this, everyone laughed, except Týr, who there lost his right hand. When the gods understood that Fenrir was fully bound, they took a cord named Gelgja hanging from Gleipnir, inserted the cable via a large stone slab called Gjöll , and the gods secured the stone slab deep into the floor. After, the gods took a excellent rock called Thviti , and throw it further into the ground as an anchoring peg. Fenrir responded; he opened his jaws very broad, and tried to bite the gods. Then the gods thrust a sword into his mouth. Its hilt touched the lower jaw and its stage the top one; by means of it the jaws of the wolf were spread apart and the wolf gagged. Fenrir 'howled horribly,' saliva ran from his mouth, and this spit formed the river Ván .

Twitter Results:

Zakhele Nkosi
For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of you right hand and says to you, Do not fear, I will help you - Isaiah 41:13
RT @KaiserVirtuoso: Let’s talk about the art. This was designed by the legend that is Etubi Onucheyo. It is set in the garden of Eden where…
Let’s talk about the art. This was designed by the legend that is Etubi Onucheyo. It is set in the garden of Eden w… https://t.co/eIlQOKANeP
Chapel of Victory Nig
Don't become a legend in your mind. Instead, humble yourself beneath the mighty hand of God and let God do the exal… https://t.co/bVhrTtX7rU
St. Byrne
@FocusOnCeltic My Lisbon legend my Celtic hero one of many that famous night my God such fantastic memories I cried… https://t.co/XI9L9roTNf
@KarlSmallwood If were talking about crazy ass moves, someone's got to mention ultimate underrated legend "God Hand… https://t.co/3JWAqapCeK
discotits doyle
I Hate Models is such a sexy legend highlight of my night was him mixing in the flash theme song ahaha “Flash aaaaa… https://t.co/woxiup5Kf2
Ollie Towey
Getting that right hand counter going with Irish boxing legend @kenegan30. First of many sessions god willing, wat… https://t.co/Nq9yYnZIPz
Marquis Le Dain
The main problem on Earth from the #Annunaki perspective, is that most of the data & Grist has been funnelled into… https://t.co/icMKE4rBnK


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