Should i get gta 5 for pc

Get a certified copy if you want to play online

Judging in the GTA 5 PC forum, the PC version has ... issues. These will get ironed out with the release of patches. The PC version is arguably the best version to get though, because of the potential for modding. If you have purchased a copy, that's likely to be the better choice.

Jnzooger and redx165: Why are you arguing over discs?! I don't mind having to insert a disk its not that big of a deal -. as for stage I am probably going to get the Xbox 360 version since GTA IV was better imo. Controls were great, game play/story was awesome, the town was other things. Hopefully GTA V is going to be great.

People are having the most mad issues in the most un-consistent way
. Other face a lot of them, while some get the match with no problems. If you will find the PC version so you might want to take this in consideration.

This is mainly supported by assumption , GTA V's expectations for a system are most likely far beyond your reach if you can't run GTA IV; considering you can see major improvements in the majority of the footage/screens shown
. Without draining your pocket out, so, essentially, you're better off getting a Xbox 360 version for a better experience. But that is just my opinion.

I would go with PC dude, Xbox will have more than one disk I can tell

Get a certified copy if you want to play online. It is not possible to play online using a pirated copy. It is always best to purchase a licensed copy. Games like GTA 5 require a lot of money and effort to make and deserve to be purchased in exchange for cash.

I'm upgrading my PC, mainly because I would like to be able to run V and IV really well. The PC version will be able to have FPS and better graphics and a plus at least for me personally is modding. A good computer is not actually that expensive. I'm planning on selling mine + the screen and getting like $450 dollars for this, and using that toward the computer I'm buying.

And no, I don't have any difficulties with vocal speaking, so I'm not 'dumb', thank you for asking
. However, I don't see what that has to do with the amount. Perhaps you're ignorant to the real significance of 'dumb' and decided to use it? In that case, I will indulge. We do not have any way of understanding how large the game will be we've got no method of knowing how many discs it will take, until GTA V is launch. Attempting to call me dumb for using precedence as a probable example verses listening to hear-say and rumor has to say than me about you.

The upgrade for me from Xbox 360 to PS4 was essential for two reasons
. Primarily, all my friends were filtering to Sony's new machine and had left the console. GTA Online was the only reason I had the 360 plugged in for over a year but after my buddies were gone I was playing in a wasteland.

But I have to stop somewhere. I'm glad I've spent this week sampling the delights of the PC version -and it's full of delights. You do not need me to write 1,200 words on how great it looks, the characters the feverish action and the capability to get forever lost in Blaine County. As it was on the last two generations of consoles, it an game on PC. Now it seems better.

The bugaboo within I am now living begins with the release of GTA Being an avid lover of both GTA 3 and GTA: Vice City that I bought the name   quickly and with excitement. Yet I was met at the title with enormous disappointment. I was bored and frustrated with the façade which was Liberty City as well as the palpable melodrama that followed Niko Belic like odor on the gentleman that neglected to apply his stride Stick.

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