Should i play gta 5 online

A couple of months later after hearing the news of a ban tide, GTA V online and I played again. I played with a TDM round, but again a man spawned bags of cash with a pistol. I reported the man as I did, but I seems pointless these days. Cheating in GTA V online seems to be quite simple since every 12 year old can do it independently. So I quited playing with game modes, but I wanted to continue with open world. But with an indestructable vehicle and rate hacks I discovered another cheater after two hours.

The first time I opened fire on a group of civilians I was a bit shocked, and I have not felt stunned by a GTA game in years
. As I killed him with a hatchet -in first person view and ran up to some man on the street--I could see the new highlight reels .

In May 2015 I played GTA V online for the first time, I really liked it untill some random guy gave me a huge number of cash without even asking for it. I played online for 15 minutes and I had 47 million $ $$. It couldnt since losing the cash aint be that easy, although I wanted to make a legit playtrough. Sure, I could send it to another person, but I will get accused of being a cheater. However, this is only a part of the problem with GTA V online.

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