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3CX WebAPI for 3CX

A web service that runs on the server where 3CX is installed. REST API interface for managing some objects in 3CX such as active calls, users, queues, groups, phonebook and call control

  • Getting a list of active conversations
  • Click-to-call or making an outgoing call from the CRM system
  • Call termination by extension, queue and external number
  • Automatic outgoing calls using IVR or a queue of call center operators
  • 3CX phonebook management and synchronization with CRM system
  • Getting status and managing 3CX queues. Adding and removing operators and queue managers.
  • Reading and managing extension status
  • Extension management e.g. adding and removing users
  • WebAPI also records the history of changing extension statuses
  • Select SQL via API
  • Windows and Debian, v18 and v20
  • Pricing
  • 3CX API documentation
Use REST API to get IVR, Queue and Extension status of your 3CX
Get the statuses of the user's extension number
Set the user status, enter the user into the queue
Use API for SELECT requests from 3CX database
Windows & Debian
Install as a service (daemon) on your 3CX server
Call control API
Use the URL request to make an outgoing call, answer, drop etc

3CX API Screenshots

3CX API Video

Server root access is required
Not compatible with 3CX StartUP
You will need to install an additional service on the OS (Debian or Windows)