3CX Whisper AI integration

Full integration of 3CX and Whisper. Speech recognition, evaluation of emotions in a conversation, and conversation outcomes.

  • Ready-made integration out of the box
  • Dozens of languages
  • Integration with CRM or service desk system
  • Webhook generator support
  • Full-text search support
3CX Whisper AI cases
Some cases for the best user experience
Security Service
Total conversation control and keyword search. Just search among the text and not among the gigabytes of conversation recordings
Emotion Detector
AI can detect emotions in caller’s voices and provide empathetic support. Filter positive and negative conversations
Look for keywords in conversations. For example, you are very expensive. Look for inappropriate communication from of your employees as quickly as ever
Search for negativity
Are employees hiding negativity? It won't work anymore. Searching for negative emotions has never been so easy

3CX Whisper screenshots

The following components are required for the solution:
You need to install the products on 3CX and the Zendesk partner will do the setup
  • Webhook for 3CX
    3CX events generator via Webhooks
  • WebAPI for 3CX
    REST API for 3CX management
  • Open AI account
    Required for Whisper recognition
Nota bene
  • Create an OpenAI account (click)
  • Activate the Whisper speech recognition function in 3CX in the integration section (3CX manual)
  • Install or update WebAPI Webhook generator and activate TRIAL license (start here)