All the power of AI for the Creatio Service

Service AI Suite for Creatio

The synergy between ChatGPT and human agents in Creatio Service will create an effective and efficient customer service experience. The AI model can help handle routine queries and assist with information retrieval, while human agents can focus on more complex or specialized customer issues, as well as provide empathy and emotional support when needed.

Service AI Suite for Creatio features

Multilingual Service
Multilingual customer service refers to the practice of providing customer support and assistance in multiple languages. It involves having a team of customer service representatives who are proficient in various languages to cater to the needs of a diverse customer base.
Content Addition
It allows Service AI Suite to generate new information or expand on existing content based on user prompts. It enables AI to provide more in-depth explanations, create fictional narratives, generate examples, or offer additional details about a specific topic.
Rewrite Content
The Rewrite Content feature of Service AI Suite allows to rephrase or modify the provided text while preserving its original meaning. It can be useful in scenarios where users require a different phrasing or when there's a need for a clearer or more concise expression of an idea.
Analysis of communication
It provides a concise summary of the main points or key takeaways from the conversation. AI can analyze various parameters from textual communication, including: Sentiment Analysis, Emotion Detection, Tone and Attitude, Intent Recognition, Subject Matter and Topics.
Personal Assistants
ChatGPT is designed to provide conversational assistance and engage in interactive dialogue with users. Its primary purpose is to assist and provide information on a wide range of topics, answer questions, offer suggestions, and engage in general conversation,
AI email generator
ChatGPT can provide basic guidance on a wide range of topics, from gardening tips, to tech advice and simple legal or financial questions. It can help with composing the body of an email, providing suggestions, and offering language assistance.

Some usage examples of Service AI Suite for Creatio

Multilingual Service:

  • Any language pairs
  • Communicate as a native
  • Quickly expand your support reach
  • Test new markets
AI Chat analytics:

  • Any languages
  • Was the customer satisfied?
  • Was our employee polite?
  • Were there swear words?
  • What emotions were present in the chat?
  • Has the customer's task been solved?
AI Case summary:

  • Any languages
  • Summary of communication
  • Summary without emotion
  • Summary without unnecessary words
Working with content:

  • Any languages
  • Create content on a given topic
  • Create instructions for customers
  • Rewrite the content in other words
  • Use the global experience of Internet
  • Polish your writing

Service AI Suite for Creatio screenshots

Service AI Suite for Creatio video