3CX Zendesk integration

The full integration solution 3CX Phone and Zendesk Service Desk. Displays customer’s information at Zendesk interface when calls proceed by 3CX Phone. Put all of the inbound, outbound and missed call statistics from 3CX into Call section of Zendesk.

  • Technical support sees the customer's open tickets
  • The call center agent sees customer activities
  • Customers spend less time on the phone line
  • The manager sees missed calls in the service desk
3CX Zendesk Connector Features
Some functions for the best user experience
Popup customer's card
Displays customer’s information at Zendesk when calls proceed by 3CX
List of related objects in Zendesk
Display customer-related activities, requests, and any other objects
MP3 Records
Use the online player in Zendesk to listen to recordings in MP3 format
Make calls from Zendesk using the method click to call
The connector saves successful and missed calls in the Calls section
Smart routing
Use different routes and priorities for different customers
3CX API & Webhooks
Connecting via 3CX REST API and 3CX Webhook generator
3CX Windows & Debian
Install as a Windows service or Debian daemon on your 3CX instance

3CX Zendesk screenshots

3CX Zendesk integration video

Comparison of native integration of 3CX and Zendesk

3CX CRM Template
3CX Zendesk integration by Creomate
Missed calls in Queues
Missed calls by agent
Outbound calls from Zendesk
MP3 Records
Opening a card when a call is received
Real-time ticket creation
The following components are required for the solution:
You need to install the products on 3CX and the Zendesk partner will do the setup
  • Webhook for 3CX
    3CX events generator via Webhooks
  • WebAPI for 3CX
    REST API for 3CX management
  • Oapps - Zendesk partner
    Setup by Zendesk side
Technical features
  • The integration is compatible with 3CX installed on the customer's server (on-premises)
  • You need root access to 3CX server to install WebAPI
  • Integration on the Zendesk side is implemented by a certified Zendesk premier partner https://oapps.io/