3CX WebAPI & Webhook quick start

Preparing for installation

Make sure that you have administrator permissions on the server.

Installation is possible on the same server only where 3CX Phone is installed and activated

Download WebAPI and Webhook generator for 3CX (universal trial code NHQE-QRND-TRIAL)

For testing the Webhook functionality, we recommend to use the service https://webhook.site/

If you need help with the installation, please contact support. We can connect to you via Anydesk or TeamViewer and help you install WebAPI for 3CX

Testing WebAPI and Webhook generator for 3CX

Watch the video

Download 3CX WebAPI Postman file (2.1) for testing (save as JSON file and import)

To test the Webhook functionality, we recommend using the service https://webhook.site/

Enter Webhook Site URL as a WEBHOOK_URL and WEBHOOK_POST_URL in TCXWebAPI.ini


WEBHOOK_URL = https://webhook.site/8ef55e62-5b10-4fdb-a65f-f2ef8bf4e47d

WEBHOOK_POST_URL = https://webhook.site/55e0f48b-952a-475a-8984-d69fc70a377d

Connecting Grafana to 3CX

  1. Create JSON API Data source
  2. Use /query body as requests and JSON Path as result