Creatio 3CX connector

The full integration solution 3CX Phone and Creatio CRM. Displays customer’s information at Creatio interface when calls proceed by 3CX Phone. Put all of the inbound, outbound and missed call statistics from 3CX into Call section of Creatio CRM.

Creatio 3CX Connector

The following products are required for the solution:

3CX webhook

3CX Webhook

It generates 3CX phone events and sends to Creatio



It provides the 3CX control function and click to call

Call Center 360 for Creatio

Provides opening of a call card in Creatio CRM

Creatio 3CX Connector Features

Some functions for the best user experience 

Popup customer's card

Displays customer’s information at Creatio interface when calls proceed by 3CX

List of related objects in Creatio

Display customer-related orders, activities, requests, and any other CRM objects

MP3 Records

Use the online player in Creatio to listen to recordings of conversations in MP3 format


Make calls from Creatio using the method click to call


The connector saves successful and missed calls in the Calls section

Smart routing

Use different routes and priorities for different customers


Create and customize the agent’s work window without using code

REST API & Webhooks

Connect new call center functions with 3CX REST API and 3CX Webhook generator

3CX Windows & Debian

Install as a Windows service or Debian daemon on your 3CX instance

Advantages of using


Customer service

Integrating Creatio and 3CX allows to access customer information in real-time while they are on the phone, enabling them to provide more personalized and efficient service


Data Management

Call information is automatically logged into the CRM system, providing a centralized repository for customer interactions and reducing the risk of data loss.



360-degree customer feedback refers to a comprehensive evaluation of a customer’s experiences and interactions with a company.


Increased efficiency

With an integrated system, customer information is automatically updated in real-time, reducing the need for manual data entry and saving time for customer service representatives


Enhanced reporting

Integrating provides companies with rich data on call volume, call duration, call outcomes, and customer interactions, enabling them to gain valuable insights into customer behavior and make informed decisions about business


Customer Experience

Integrating telephony with CRM allows for a seamless, personalized experience for customers. Agents have access to customer information and history during calls, enabling them to provide a more informed and efficient service.


Better Insights

Integrating 3CX and Creatio systems provides a comprehensive view of customer interactions, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences


Increased Productivity

The integration allows agents to handle calls, log call details and manage follow-ups all from within Creatio CRM, reducing the time spent switching between multiple systems


Improved Collaboration

Teams can work more effectively together by sharing customer information, call logs and follow-up tasks within the Creatio CRM

Example of the algorithm

Incoming call from PSTN
3CX requests to Creatio responsible employee and routes
The responsible employee receives a call
The customer's card pops up in Creatio with all related information
The responsible employee picked up the phone
3CX sends webhook to Creatio with call start event
The employee hangs up
3CX sends call end event to Creatio for adding CDR record
Few moments later
3CX sends a link to the conversation recording (MP3)

Creatio 3CX screenshots