Intelligent Call Routing

The integration solution based in Creatio CRM that directs calls to the relevant entity, lessening unnecessary barriers and hindrances in between. For example, if a customer calls a company and their information is stored in the Creatio, the PBX system can use this information to determine the customer’s history, preferences, and current status, and route the call to the right person or department based on this information.

Intelligent Call Routing

The following products are required for the solution:



Requests information about the subscriber by phone number

Call Center 360 for Creatio

Provides a JSON responses on PBX requests

Intelligent Call Routing

Some functions for the best user experience 


360-degree information about the customer based on the phone number request

Several routes

Different routes for different customer types

Intelligent Call Routing (ICR)

Use different routes and priorities for different customers


Create and customize the respone using Creatio no-code power


Universal data exchange format

List of related objects in Creatio

Response customer-related orders, activities, requests, and any other objects

Advantages of using


Customer Experience

Smart call routing ensures that calls are answered promptly by the most suitable agent, improving the overall customer experience.


Increased Efficiency

With smart call routing, calls are directed to the right department or agent, reducing the time spent on hold and increasing the efficiency of the call center.


Abandonment Rates

By reducing wait times, smart call routing can help reduce the number of calls that are abandoned, which can improve the company’s image and reduce the cost of lost business.


Resource Utilization

Smart call routing can help ensure that agents are utilized effectively, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.


Reporting and Analytics

Advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing organizations to track and analyze call data to make informed decisions.


Sales and Revenue

By providing a better customer experience and improving efficiency, smart call routing can help increase sales and revenue

Example of the algorithm

Incoming call from PSTN
PBX requests to Creatio responsible employee and routes via HTTP request
Data processing in Creatio CRM
Call Center 360 for Creatio returns data about the responsible employee for the client in JSON format
Call routing
PBX switches the call to the responsible employee due to JSON data
HTTP request

JSON response