Meet a brand new
private AI
Trained on your documents
Data Privacy & Security
Creatio integration and flexible API
NovaDocs GPT
What is
NovaDocs GPT?
ChatGPT-like system that could be installed in your company infrastructure. Use your internal documents to train the AI to answer following them
End-to-End knowledge cycle.
AI learn from successful cases.
Creatio CRM & Service integration.
Flexible API for any external system.
It Works
Upload any documentation into NovaDocs knowledge base.
Built-in integration with Creatio Knowledge Base and Confluence.
Support for .docx/.pdf files.
Use NovaDocs GPT as a chat bot, or via API to generate suggestions for any customer issues
NovaDocs can use your perfectly resolved cases for additional training.
Every resolved case will improve the performance and accuracy of AI.
Knowledge acquiring
AI Answers
Video Tour
Quick overview of the NovaDocs GPT & Creatio integration
Use AI to explore your big and complex knowledge bases. AI-generated issue suggestions will help to resolve customer cases in one click. AI Feed Bot can answer any agent question.
Customer service agent helper
AI can use your knowledge base to answer any customer questions.

AI Bot based on NovaDocs could consult your customers based on previous successfully resolved similar cases
AI consultation bot
What does Private AI
NovaDocs GPT could be installed on your dedicated server, in your private cloud, or in our public cloud
None of your company data could be used or provided outside of your private NovaDocs instance
Your company don't rely on vendor's public infrastructure
01. On-Premise installation
02. Data Security
03. Reliability
AI knowledge integration help to improve your service team performance and increase overall resources capacity up to 2x
Cases resolved by AI Bot
Time spent by agent to case resolution
Total tickets resolved by team and AI
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